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Rose Fletcher Memorial
Online Solo Piping Competition 2021

Introduction and Entry Form Entries

Introduction and How to Enter
During this time of pandemic when all the competitions we're used to have been suspended we are launching a new online piping competition to encourage pipers to take part in what we hope will prove to be as close an experience as we can make it to a regular solo piping competition and a very satisfying experience for everyone taking part.

Each event is limited to a maximum of 12 entries, with the exception of the Piobaireachd which is limited to 16. Competitors have until April 17th to submit their entries. Keep visiting this site or our FaceBook page during the build-up to April 17th to see how the entry is progressing.

There is a fee of £5 per event to enter. In each event everyone will be ranked in winning order and will receive a crit sheet on their performance from our adjudicator. The first six winners in each event will be awarded certificates they can download and print.

To enter, competitors need to do three things any time before the closing date of Saturday 17th April:
  • Upload a video recording of each performance
  • Complete and submit the entry form (link below)
  • Submit your entry fee via PayPal (or BACS. Email me for bank details).
For more details of exactly how to do all this, look at the "How to Submit Your Entry" section below.

The adjudicator will then have a week to assess the performances. The results will be announced on this website and our FaceBook page on Sunday 25th April. Competitors will receive their crit sheets by email.

On the same day we will publish the whole competition here for public viewing to visitors just as if they were attending a normal competition. If you are willing for your entries to be viewed at this point please mark your videos as 'public' on your entry form. Competitors under the age of 18 will also need the signature of their parent or guardian. Otherwise mark them as 'private' and the judge will be the only one to see them. The judge will not be aware of your choice while he is assessing your performances.

Highland Dress is not compulsory but there will be a special certificate presented to the Best Dressed Piper.

The entry categories are:

Section 1: Junior Practice Chanter (Under 19):
1. March (one 2-parted march in any time signature)
2. Slow Air (2 parts in any time signature)

Section 2: Junior (under 19):
3. March Medley (either one 4-parted march or two 2-parted marches in any time signature)
4. Slow Air (2 parts in any time signature)

Section 3: Intermediate Section (Any age):
5. March Medley (either one 4-parted march or two 2-parted marches in any time signature)
6. Slow Air (2 parts in any time signature)

Section 4: Advanced Section:
7. March, Strathspey & Reel (4 or more parts per tune)
8. Slow Air (2 parts), Hornpipe & Jig (4 parts each)

Section 5: Piobaireachd:
9. Ground only

All sections to be played on the bagpipe except Section 1.
Competitors may only enter one section, with the exception of Section 5 which is open to all.
Rules on recording and uploading your performances

Each performance must be one continuous, un-interrupted video which must include your introduction stating your name, the date of the recording, the competition, the category, the event and the name of your tune(s), ie.
"This is Joe Bloggs, competing in the Intermediate 2/4 March at the 2021 Rose Fletcher Memorial Online Solo Piping competition on Thursday, 1st April. My tune is John MacDonald of Glencoe."

Ideally, during your performance you should be in full sight of the camera throughout, preferably with both hands visible throughout, the aim being to ensure that your video has not been altered in any way.

Guidance on producing the best quality recordings
  • Record your performance on your mobile phone or webcam, ideally in landscape position rather than portrait. This will help in producing the public showing of the event when the results are announced.
    NB: If you are hoping to qualify for the Best Dressed Piper it is important that we get a full-length view of you.
  • If recording indoors choose an environment with good acoustics, ie. a room with soft furnishings, curtains, etc, that would dampen echo and reverb.
  • If recording outdoors try to minimise any background noise that might detract or distract from your performance.
  • If using a smart phone or similar device make sure it is switched to "Flight Mode" to prevent any incoming notifications or interruptions.
  • Feel free to record your performance as many times as you wish until you have one that you are happy to submit. Once submitted, it cannot be changed.
How to submit your entry
  1. Download and complete your entry form here: NWEOPS Solo Piping Entry Form

  2. Upload each of your performances to our Solo Piping Competition DropBox folder by clicking on this link:
    Solo Piping Competition DropBox folder.

    You will be asked for your name and email address so that DropBox can notify you that the files have arrived successfully.

    You will have the option to upload multiple files if you are submitting more than one entry. Make sure you also upload your completed entry form.

  3. Submit your entry fee(s) via PayPal to riperpiper@hotmail.com or pay by BACS. (email me for bank details)
No late entries will be accepted after Sat 17th April.

If you have any queries you'd like answered before submitting an entry feel free to email me, Chris Eyre, the Contest Secretary, on riperpiper@hotmail.com
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