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The Rose Fletcher Memorial Competition 2021
Competitors had until April 17th to submit their entries. Our judge, Donald MacPhee, then spent several days assessing their performances. On Sunday April 25th we published the results you see below and sent every competitor their comment sheets from the judge.

Now all visitors to this site have the opportunity to view their performances just as if they had been present at the competition. Click on any of the entries below to view each performance. Competitors had the option to remain private if preferred which is why two of the links below are dormant.

A special word of thanks goes to McCallum Bagpipes who sponsored this competition so generously by donating a wide range of prizes that has ensured that every competitor received something special from this event and also to David Ogilvie of Highland Tailor Ltd who judged the three "Best Dressed Pipers" competition and who donated a jacket and waistcoat as the first prize.
Event 1: 2-part March
1st. Clara Hinchliffe-Martinez (12): Flett From Flotta.
2nd. James Wilkinson Brown (17): Mhairi's Wedding.
3rd. Sophie Mochrie (14): High Road to Gairloch.
4th. William Jeffery (9): High Road to Gairloch.

Event 2: 2-part Slow Air
1st. Clara Hinchliffe-Martinez (12): Morag of Dunvegan.
2nd. James Wilkinson Brown (17): Scots Wha Hae.
3rd. William Jeffery (9): Scots Wha Hae.
4th. Isla Armstrong (9): Loch Rannoch.

Event 3: 4 parts in March tempo (No entries)
Event 4: 2-part Slow Air (No entries)

Event 5: 4 parts in March tempo
(You will notice from his introductions that John Alexander Brown originally submitted his videos for the Junior Bagpipe section but when he was advised that he was going to be the only entry in it he chose to move up into this Intermediate section.)
1st. John Alexander Brown: Atholl Highlanders.
2nd. Danny Blair: Corriechoilie's Welcome, Sweet Maid of Glendaruel.
3rd. Richard Davies-Cooke: Angus McKinnon.
4th. Alexander Smith: Donald MacLean's Farewell to Oban.
5th. Derek Davies: Finlay Cameron of Glenshee.
6th. Sheri Bankes: Captain Norman Orr Ewing.
7th. Antony Craig: Major Manson of Clackantrushal.
8th. Andy Young: Heroes of St Valery.
9th. Adam Hughes: Rowan Tree, Bluebells of Scotland.

Event 6: 2-part Slow Air
1st. Alexander Smith: Mist Covered Mountains.
2nd. Danny Blair: Mingulay Boat Song.
3rd. Adam Hughes: Hector the Hero.
4th. John Alexander Brown: Mist Covered Mountains.
5th. Antony Craig: The Sleeping Tune.
6th. Derek Davies: Sara's Song.
7th. Andy Young: Sleep Dearie Sleep.
8th. Sheri Bankes: The Sound of the Pipes.
Event 7: March/Strathspey/Reel
1st. Peter Crowe: John McColl's March to Kilbowie Cottage, Lady Louden, Lexie McAskill.
2nd. Scott Phillips: Inveran, The Bob of Fettercairn, The Sheepwife.
3rd. Bob Low: Bob Kerr of Luss, The Firth of Lorn, The Cockerel in the Creel.
4th. Richard Wilson: Charles Edward Hope de Vere, Dora MacLeod, Duntroon.
5th. Jim Gray: The Young MacGregor, The Shepherd's Crook. The Sheepwife.
6th. Joe Davies: The Young McGregor, Cat Lodge, Alick C. MacGregor.
7th. Colin Spence: Abercairney Highlanders, Maggie Cameron, Duntroon.

Event 8: Slow Air/Hornpipe/Jig
1st. Jim Gray: The Eastern Townships, Jimmy Tweedie's Sealegs, Biddy From Sligo.
2nd. Peter Crowe: Cha Till MacCrimmon, Dr McInnes's Fancy, The Curlew.
3rd. Richard Wilson: Mhairi Bhan Og, Crossing The Minch, Michael McDonald's Jig
4th. Scott Phillips: The Shieling, Lucy Cassidy, The Old Wife of the Mill Dust.
5th. Bob Low: Sine Bhan, Mr GY Slater, Fittie Boatman.
6th. Joe Davies: The 74th Slow March, Donald MacLeod, Alex MacDonald.
7th. Chris Eyre: A Song for David, Callum Iain, Glasgow City Police Pipers.

Event 9: (Ground only)
1st. Scott Phillips: MacFarlane's Gathering.
2nd. Peter Crowe: MacCrimmon's Sweetheart.
3rd. Bob Low: The Stewarts' White Banner.
4th. Joe Davies: Lament for the Children.
5th. Theresa Brown: MacDonald of Kinlochmoidart's Lament No 1.
6th. Jim Gray: The King's Taxes
7th. Antony Craig: Corrienessan's Salute
8th. Richard Wilson: Cabar Feidh Gu Brath.
9th. Chris Eyre: The Battle of Glenshiel
10th. Sheri Bankes: His Father's Lament for Donald MacKenzie
11th. Richard Davies-Cooke: MacDonald of Kinlochmoidart's Lament No.1
12th. Derek Davies: The Company's Lament.
13th. Andy Young: Lament for the Children.

1st. Joe Davies (formally correct in every detail)
2nd. Jim Gray (Most striking piper - overall mark for impact)
3rd. Isla Armstrong ( the cutest!)

Results of the Prize Draw

John Alexander Brown - Gordon Duncan Tunes, Book 2
Richard Davies-Cooke - The Outlands Collection, Fred Morrison
Andy Young - A MacCrimmon Collection
Derek Davies - The Craig Muirhead Collection
Joe Davies - The 2nd Fred Morrison Collection
Sheri Bankes - Terry Tully, Book 2
Bob Low - Terry Tully, Book 3
Richard Wilson - Terry Tully, Book 4
Peter Crowe - Terry Tully, Book 5
Clara Hinchliffe-Martinez - Duality, a collection by Scott Garden
Alexander Smith - A set of MG drone reeds
Sheri Bankes - Hearing Protection
James Wilkinson Brown - Fred Morrison Trio CD
Colin Spence - The High Bridge Walk CD, by John Dew
Bob Low - The Broken Chanter CD by Fred Morrison
Danny Blair - A McCallum Bagpipes Pipe Carrier
Jim Gray - Long Delrin Practice Chanter, engraved
Adam Hughes - Standard size Delrin Practice Chanter, engraved
Isla Armstrong - Standard size Blackwood Practice Chanter, deluxe engraved
Tony Craig - Standard size Blackwood Practice Chanter
Sophie Mochrie - Piper Socks, size 4-7 Grey
William Jeffery - College of Piping Tutor, Book 1 (extra prize donated by Chris Eyre)

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