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Officers and Committee Members
North West Section
Paul Brown
Paul Brown

Tel: 01484 863057
Section Secretary
Minutes Secretary
Chris Eyre
Chris Eyre

Tel: 0151 608 4398
Mob: 07547 362985
President, Treasurer
Trophy Secretary
Contest Secretary

Theresa Brown
Theresa Brown

Tel: 01484 863057
Music Board

Ken Thacker
Ken Thacker

Tel: 01925 813679
Mob: 07791 169924


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North East Section
Mr Les Chadwick

Tel: 07801 023230
Mr Malcolm DD Robertson

Tel: 07940 358704
Mr Kevin Reilly

Tel: 0191 512 0650
Mob: 07931 322114

Mr Colin Smith

Music Board

Mr Colin Smith
Mr Lez Parsons
Tel: 07817 439408
Mr Arthur Middleton
Mr Frank Bonner
Mrs Anne Bonner
(Minute Secretary)

Upcoming Meetings

North England Branch AGM
on Zoom at 11am on Sunday 21st November 2021.
Topic: North England Branch AGM
Time: Nov 21, 2021 11:00 AM London
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Meeting ID: 941 4640 2730
Passcode: 798752

An important note regarding annual RSPBA band fees which need to be renewed by November 30th.

Last year was an extraordinary time when we were asked to pay the usual fee of £252 even though it was most unlikely that any of the major contests would take place. The RSPBA is grateful to those bands who did pay for their support in helping the organisation to survive.

In the light of these difficult circumstances the RSPBA have made the following concessions for 2022/23:

Those who did pay last year have been granted a 50% reduction in their annual subscription for 2022, ie £125. In addition, if deemed financially possible, they will also be granted a similar 50% reduction for 2023.

Bands that did not pay the fee last year will need to pay the full £252 this year but will not be asked to pay last year's fee.

Another important note:
If you don't take advantage of this concession now before the 30th November, you will be charged an extra 20% for late registration.

Since April 2020 Ian Kirkland has been developing a very valuable teaching resource for pipe band snare drummers, ie. detailed breakdowns of:

- Essential Rudiments
- RSPBA Prescribed Tunes
- Alex Duthart Fanfares (1957, 1966, 1972)
- Alex Duthart Book 1 Rudiments
- Alex Duthart Book 1 Scores
- Alex Duthart Book 2 Scores

They are available on his YouTube channel at this address:

The 'Compact' Super XTS pipe band snare drum

Having developed the Super XTS pipe band snare drum,
our designers at Flint Percussion decided to produce a 7" deep version.
We were a little surprised at just how bright this drum was and decided to give it a road test.
In this short video, John Beverland demonstrates how this drum can sound.
Even though this is the shorter version, John has expressed his wish to play this drum in solo competition.
This drum is also incredibly lightweight at just 3.5kg.

For more details visit the Flint Percussion website.

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