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Branch Championship
The aim of thie Branch Championship is to encourage as many band members as possible to take part in our indoor events. Everyone who competes contributes to their band's total score, as the scores will calculated using the complete list of competitors, not just those in the prize list.
Every competitor/team is awarded a set number of entry points per event for taking part and is also awarded positional points according to where they place in each event.
All points gained are then awarded to the band with which the recipients are registered. The band with the highest total at the end of the final competition will be awarded the Keith Wilkinson Memorial Trophy.
Entry Points
Every competitor or team taking part in a competition is awarded the following points:
Solo Piping & Drumming (including Novices): 1 point per competitor.
Trio Piping: 2 points per team.
Quartet Piping: 3 points per team.
Minibands: 4 points per team.
Drum Salute: 3 points per team.
These points will only be awarded if the competitor or team actually plays. No points will be awarded if the competitor/team doesn't turn up or withdraws. Any competitor/team which breaks down in the course of a performance will still be awarded entry points.
Positional Points
Every competitor/team will also be awarded points according to where they place in the competition, ie. if there are 15 competitors the competitor/team placing 1st will be awarded 15 points and the competitor/team placing last will be awarded 1 point.
In the Solo Piping and Solo Drumming, the total Positional Points will be divided by 3 before being added to the Entry Points to produce the total score for each competitor.
In the event of a tie, the championship will be awarded to the band which has the greatest number of Entry Points.

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