Stitching My standard bag had a straight neck as you can see here and is the style I always used myself when I was playing with a sheepskin bag. As I have said before, I always made the width of the neck to the line of stitching exactly 5 inches. If you are making a bag to suit a particular set of pipes that has significantly different dimensions, take your measurement from the circumference of the bottom of the bass drone stock - the widest object that has to pass through the neck of the bag.
Stitching Stitching Stitching
This is a close-up of the final stitch at the neck end of the bag. Both needles are fed twice through the final hole and cut off clean. The wax is enough to keep the stitch in place.
I also made swan-neck bags for those who wanted them. It's just a matter of folding the leather two or three times to produce the angle you need. Glue down the folds (just on the edge where the gusset will go, not the entire fold). You need to be extra careful here about getting a perfect seal. I used to pack in a very little wedge of leather at the end of each crease.
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