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Airs & Graces, Book 1

This book grew out of the gradual accumulation of tunes written by Joe Massey and myself over a period of about twenty years. Occasionally we talked of publishing them but it was only in 2002 that we finally did it. The result was this 72-page book containing 96 tunes. As an accompaniment to the book we have also produced a double audio CD which illustrates every tune in the book arranged into 33 medleys, MSRs, selections and set pieces - nearly two hours of original material. The idea was to produce a CD which would give you the opportunity to hear every tune in the book in just the way we had in mind when we wrote them. So, because we had used Bagpipe Music Writer in the production of the book, we also used it to produce the CDs. Some are arranged for a solo piper, others for trios, minibands or full pipe corps, often making use of harmonies and counter-melodies. Below are some sound samples from the CDs.
At present we have no plans to have the book or the CD produced on a commercial basis. The set-up costs would be more than we expect to make in return. Our approach to date is to produce each book and/or CD to order.
W. Baker's Return to the Royal Regiment
(2/4 March - solo - 209Kb)
The Boys of Score Lane
(Hornpipe - solo - 169Kb)
Breton Wedding Day
(Polka - band with harmonies - 265Kb)
Colonel Renison
(2/4 March - solo - 204Kb)
Draper's Jig
(Jig - solo - 235Kb)
Lament for a Chindit
(Slow Air - full band with harmonies - 392Kb)
Joe Massey's Night Out
(Jig - trio with harmonies - 376Kb)
The Northern Road
(Jig solo - 238Kb)
P/Sgt Harold Prescott
(4/4 March - full band with harmonies - 276Kb)
Pat's Mazurka
(Mazurka - solo and full band with harmonies - 545Kb)
Six Feet Tall
(Hornpipe - solo - 333Kb)




Airs & Graces, Book 2

Another collection, this time of new tunes all written in the last 12 months by Joe Massey and myself, plus tunes from three other contributors, Iain Sutherland, former Pipe Major of Milton Keynes Pipe Band, Bob Walters, a good friend of mine, and David Hunter, a promising young piper and composer from Dundee. Unlike Book 1, which was spiral-bound, Book 2 is staple-bound with a full-colour glossy cover.
Included with the book is a 15-track CD illustrating about half of the 59 tunes in the book, including the two piobaireachds in full.
A taster of some of the tunes
MP3 file (1.87Mg)
'Airs and Graces' Book 2 (including CD)

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