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Liverpool Scottish Regimental Association Pipe Band
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The Duke of Atholl was the Honorary Patron of the Band. In 1991 he invited the band up to take part in the annual Atholl Highlanders Parade. The band was the guest of the Highlanders for the weekend and played at the Highland Games held in the grounds of the Castle the following day.

1991. Taken in the Drill Hall of Forbes House, the home of the Liverpool Scottish 'V' Co. in Score Lane.
Front row: P/M Chris Eyre, George Matthews, Ken Whittaker, Alan Walker, D/M Terry Nocton, John Sangster, Paul Rennison, P/Sgt Harold Prescott, P/Sgt, Paul Curphy. Back row: Arthur Gallagher, Bill Smith, Bob Rogerson, Philip Winstanley, Dave Radcliffe, Jeff Lamb, .........., John Fairfield, .........., Derek Rousse, Dennis Robinson.

Leaving St. George's Plateau after the Remembrance parade in 1999.

Ashbourne, 2000. The little lad playing left-handed is Brett Shacklady. Side drummers: Bill Kinnaird, Tony O'Boyle, Stuart Prendergast.

Chatsworth House 1999. Left to right: Gary Shacklady, Paul Huntridge (tenor), Ken Whittingham, P/M Chris Eyre, Dennis Robinson, Martin Bryan, ....., Arthur Gallagher, Bob Walters.

Branch Minibands 2001. Left to Right: Bill Kinnaird, Stuart Prendergast, Eddie French, Sheila Teasdale, Jim Hazzard, George Potsig, ......, P/M Chris Eyre.

Remembrance Parade, Lime Street 2001.

Richmond Contest 1998.

'V' Co. Remembrance Parade 1994, Rodney Street.

Liverpool Scottish St Andrew's Night, Adelphi Hotel (about 1999).

The Centenary Ball of the Liverpool Scottish, held in St George's Hall, 2000.
Left to right: P/M Chris Eyre, Martin Bryan, John Sangster, George Potsig, Davie Haskell, Iain Hay, Dennis Robinson, Gary Shacklady, Arthur Gallagher, Mark Bauress, Ken Whittingham, Robert Walters, John Fairfield, D/M Harry Smith, Eddie French, Bob Rogerson, Ron Smith, Bobbie Hughes, Stuart Prendergast, John Prendergast, Tony O'Boyle.