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St Sebastian's Pipe Band in 1958. First time out. The tartan is MacBean, the same tartan worn today by its successor, Greater Manchester County Fire Service Pipe Band.

Frank Steed

Jim Dillon

Mike Quinn (left), Mick Sweeney (middle), Bill Toft (right)

St Sebastians 1959 - Won all England in drumming, LD Tony Copeland holding the trophy.

Jim Dillon and ???

St Sebastian's Pipe Band, 1959. Whit Friday parade. P/Sgt James Dillon.

Parade, Pendleton.

St Sebastian's Pipe Band, Broad Street, Salford, 1962. The band is led by Sammy Locke. Also included are Patrick McKenna, Wally Pegg, Terry Graham and John Vause.

St Sebastian's Pipe Band on a Trinity Sunday Walk, passing St Sebastian's Church, Gerald Rd, Salford. Among those seen here are Sammy Locke, Terry Graham, Mike Duff, Wally Pegg, Tom Martin, Patrick McKenna and John Martin.

Is that Alan Baybutt from Chorley, between Mike and Tony Copeland?

Terry Graham.

St Sebastian's Cap Badge.
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