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P/M Dougie Auld and Annie Grant

Jim Dillon

Front row: Pipe Major Dougie Auld, John Corbett and P/S Bill Strathearn. Next row: jimmy Oatway, Jimmy Dillon and Ian Wightman.

Don Teece, Hughie Coombes, Jimmy Dillon, Neil Drummond, Drum Major ???, Sammy Crompton, Barney Losh?, Jack Brown, ???, ???, John Corbett, Bill Strathearn, Jimmy Oatway.

Front row: Jimmy Dillon, Ian Wightman, Dougie Auld. Second row: John Corbett, Neil Drummond, Don MacKenzie, Jimmy Oatway.

Front: Drum Major Jack Hope. Front row: Dougie Auld, Jimmy Oatway and Bill Strathearn. 2nd row: John Corbett with Neil Drummond behind him. Donít know next one but Hughie Coombes is behind him.

Ian Wightman, drummer Tommy Healey, and Jimmy Dillon.

Jimmy Dillon, Hughie Coombes, Dougie Auld, Neil Drummond, John Corbett, A N Other , Jack Brown, Tommy Healey, A N Other, A N Other, Jimmy Oatway, Derek Hart, Bill Strathearn.

Front row. John Corbett, Mike Delaney, Roy Bentley, Derek Hart, Malcolm Pearce, Dave Bibby (me), Neil Drummond. Back row. Frank Harbourne (sec) Bill Strathearn, Jimmy Dillon, Mick McKenzie, Hughie Coombes, Don MacKenzie, Jack Hope, Don Teece, Jimmy Oatway.

Taken in 1975 at the end of the season when the band led by P/M Willie Srathearn won the World Pipe Band Grade 3 Championship and were proclaimed Champion of Champions Grade 3.
Back row: Paul Weaver, George Cridge, Ian Wightman, Alan Hill, Don Henderson. Middle row: Bill Strathearne, Phil McConnell, Dave Edge, Derek Hart, Colin Jenkins, Doug Hewgill, Mike Buttress, Gerry McCoombe, Bernie Lee, John Rothwell, Neil Drummond. Front row: Dave Bibby, Eric Taylor, James Drummond, Robert Dagnall, John Morgan, Tony Haynes (rainbow) and Bill Bamber.
(Note by Dave Bibby): On this photo the most memorable trophy to me is the little one in the centre at the front. This was the only Corps Drumming trophy I won during my time leading the drum corps, but if you are going to win one, then the World Championship one is the one to go for.

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