This was my first set made entirely in Cocobolo. A beautiful wood though I've since learned to be very careful working with it. The fine dust produced when turning or sanding it can cause allergic reactions and it sure does with me. For a while I thought I'd have to stop working with this wood altogether but I've now installed an excellent dust extraction system from CamVac which has solved the problem.

This is how I have the CamVac set up for my lathe. The cannister has a three-tier dust extraction system which captures dust down to one micron in size.

The rigid pipe section coming in from the right is supported by brackets which allow the nozzle to be slid easily from side to side so that it is always within three or four inches of the toolpost. Now I no longer need to wear any type of face mask as the air all around the lathe is being constantly sucked free of dust.
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