Two new pipes ready to be put together.

One of them, for the first time, has nickel-plated mounts.
(Click on any of these following pictures for a VERY close look)

The design at the bottom of the chanter has evolved a lot. After using various ideas this is what I've settled on now. They match very closely the design for the drone tops but are twice the size.

I've also now introduced a curve into the walls of the common stock.

And the same also with the chanter stock. The internal design both of the stock and of the chanter has been modified in a way which now gives the chanter much more resonance and projection.

Here are some tunes played on them:
The jig 'Glasgow City Police Pipers' - the usual four parts plus a few extras.. (889Kb)
The ground of the 'Lament for the Iolaire', one of Donald MacLeod's compositions and a hauntingly beautiful tune. (990Kb)
The ground of the 'Lament for the Children', by Patrick Mor MacCrimmon, one of the most evocative and melodic tunes ever written, played this time using only the bass and tenor drones, (1462Kb)
An 'Irish Air' - a lovely tune I've been playing for a while now though I still don't know its proper title. (443Kb)
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